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Here's how it works 

We are an online Classified Advertisement Company, that is purposely structured as a profit sharing business Community.

Our Business model enables our Advertisers, to Advertise their Business, and or their professional skills, with the benefit of knowing that they will have an alternative plan to generate sales revenue, while waiting for someone to respond to their posted Ad.

We only charge $39.00 per month to Advertise your Business or Professional Skills on our platform. You can try it for Free for 5 Days. 

You can get started by selecting the registration button and uploading your Business profile or your Skills when asked to do so. Your content should automatically populate into our system.  After your info is properly uploaded and approved it will be displayed as an  Active Advertisement.

Every Active Advertisement Space referred by you, will pay you $30 each month. So that means, when your referred advertising clients pays their monthly advertisement fee, you'll earn income while waiting for someone to respond to your Ad. You must have an Active Advertiser space to qualify to earn revenue with us.